Change Is Coming…..

For the past five years, I have been working in King’s Castle Ministry in El Salvador with Don and Terri Triplett. It has been an amazing time filled with memories that are beyond what I could ever imagine. The people and connections I have made here are incredible. I had anticipated many more years with this ministry and it was what my heart wanted. El Salvador was my dream.

That’s the when God decided to surprise me. At first, I wanted to ignore it. For awhile, I did. The first nudges I felt, I was able to explain away. But as more time passed, these feelings were something I could just ignore.. When I exam them all together, it seemed that God was pointing in distinct direction. It was clear that these signs weren’t mere coincidences.. My heart and emotions were not prepared for it and definitely not ready. A lot of prayer and tears went into trying to figure this out. I remember a turning point during the summer. On June 20, 2018, while driving in my car I remember thinking, “God, if your will for me is no longer in El Salvador, I’ll do it.” Before that, my mind didn’t even want to entertain it. But on that day, I intentionally gave God the go-ahead to show me a different path and an affirmative answer that I would obey, even when the answer might be something that I might not want to do. Making this decision has been the hardest thing to do, especially as I come up on all the “lasts” I will have here. On July 7, 2018, at 10:07 pm, I received confirmation of that call in service. Beyond clear.

So, as of December 2018, I will be leaving El Salvador. I will return to the states to begin my itineration to go to PERU as a Career Missionary Associate. I will be in the U.S. for a bit to get all the funding together. I will join a team there working to reach the Quechua, an unreached people group who live in the mountains. It’s crazy the way God works. Peru was never on my radar before now. I had never previously thought of it and have never stepped foot there. I feel that so much is unknown to me right now, but I know that God is faithful. He will help me through this. Please pray to me as I make this transition. Leaving the country that I have poured my life into for so long is going to be very difficult. Pray for my itineration when I return home, that God will bless me with my funds. Let me know what you think, I wanna hear from you!!


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